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Over 20 different weapons are available in Tower of Fantasy, each with its unique bonuses and penalties. You may use three weapons at once and must unlock heroes to get different types of weaponry. Now since the gameplay in this game is more weapon-focused, selecting the correct ones is crucial—even more so than selecting the greatest characters. To help you concentrate on improving and obtaining the greatest weapons, we have produced the Tower of Fantasy weapon tier list.

You can roll in the weapon banner in Tower of Fantasy to obtain characters’ complimentary weapons. These weapons might be R, SR, or SSR tiers. Weapon Banners come in two varieties: the Standard Banner and the Limited-Time Banner.

Both banners have a pity system, and you can ensure an SSR within 80 pulls. On the other side, characters resemble the “skins” of these weapons. Every normal pull you make will provide you with a special golden token that you may use to recover an SSR weapon.

However, you must first own a duplicate of the weapon to claim it. The odds are always 50:50 in the limited-time banner, and you will receive a red token that you may spend to obtain the featured weapon.

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Every weapon has five different attack types: regular, charge, dash, aerial, and ultimate attack. It also contains what’s known as weapon resonance, which provides an additional bonus. Each weapon has a shattering rate and charge rate that indicate how quickly you can destroy an opponent’s shield and charge your ultimate assault.

This list of levels contains all Tower of Fantasy Weapons. Use it to identify the most effective weapons. All weapons are graded in the following Tower of Fantasy Weapons tier list according to how effective and durable they are in the game.

The four tiers that make up the tier list for the weapons are as follows:

The damage output and attacks of these weapons won’t let you down, and they are the best in the Tower of Fantasy Weapons Tier List.

Samir, who is using a Dual EM Stars weapon, comes first. She is a DPS and a volt element. She places a lot of emphasis on aerial assaults, which deplete stamina. Samir inflicts damage gradually, and every debuff will be lifted by her ultimate. Two pistols are Dual EM Stars.

Huma is using the Molten Shield V2 weapon. She is a flaming element which is focused on defense. When she uses her talent, she has a special mechanism that transforms her shield into an ax. In shield form, her dash strike stuns foes.

King, a different character, is equipped with the Scythe of the Crow. He is a DPS who specializes in aerial strikes and is of the fire element. He is about to launch an aerial strike.

The A-Tier of the Tower of Fantasy Weapons Tier Lists features weapons that are more powerful than others and a great option for taking on various creatures.

The Icewind Arrow, which is used by the character Tsubasa, is the first weapon in the A-Tier. She is a DPS and an ice element. She charges at a rapid pace.

Her dash attack causes her to shoot three arrows, and doing so up close makes it simpler to freeze an opponent. She may also break an opponent’s freeze to do extra damage to them. Her ultimate weapon is an ice shower ring.

Rosy Edge, with the persona Meryl, is the following weapon. She belongs to the Ice element but is focused on defense. She possesses one of the greatest game shatter rates. Due to her defense-oriented nature, she is not very proficient with the Ice element, and it doesn’t do a lot of damage.

Cocoritter is the next and will use her weapon Absolute Zero. She belongs to the Ice element as a support/healer. Her ultimate heals and eliminates all debuffs. Partners inside the zone are healed by her talent. Similar to Zero, she may heal more by increasing her attack.

Balmung is the sword that Frigg is carrying. She is a DPS having a limitless dash who belongs to the Ice element. She may make her endless sprint as long as she finds herself within the ice field created by her skill’s inframe, which creates the ice field.

Guren Blade is the name of Claudia’s katana. She belongs to the Physical element as a DPS. Her talents, aerial assault, and standard attack are all quite good. She charges her ultimate attack much more quickly than other ultimate.

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The B-Tier of The Tower of Fantasy weapons tier list has some of the best weapons, with a few limitations. Some of them work effectively when used as auxiliary gear in multiplayer games.

Shiro is a ranged DPS who comes next and is equipped with the Chakram of the Seas. Despite being one of the least interesting characters, it is a physically damaging type.

The Negating Cube with the character Zero is the second weapon in the B-Tier. He is a support/healer of the fire element. It is useful in PvE, as the amount of healing he provides scales with your strike power. For the heal to work, you need two duplicates of him.

Nemesis follows with the Venus weapon. She is a Volt element and a support/healer. The weapon fires plasma shots that hurt the target. She heals both herself and her friends as she dashes. Enemies are slowed by the ultimate weapons.

Crow with the Thunderblades comes next. He’s a DPS of the Volt element. Additionally, he favors aerial combat and wields dual-bladed weaponry.

Cobalt-B is a DPS possessing Flame element, and she carries a cannon-style weapon called the Blazing Revolver. Her weapon may be charged up to five times, increasing the damage. She will use her skill to launch a maneuverable cone-shaped strike toward you.

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These weapons are ranked lower on the Tower of Fantasy weapons tier list due to their limited potential and large investment requirements. You can choose them if they suit your playing style, but it isn’t advised.

Saki Fuwa, the last character, is armed with the Ryusen Toshin. She is an Ice elemental and can switch between DPS and defense. In DPS mode and defensive mode, her attacks vary. But she is mostly utilized as DPS by gamers. Additionally, she possesses an ice affinity that increases her ice damage when she uses two ice weapons by 20%.

Three characters or weapons have been discovered on the Chinese server, although their inclusion in the game’s official worldwide server has not yet been verified. Which are:

Bai Yuekui brandished the Alaya weapon. She is a DPS and a Volt element. Despite her poor natural attack skills, she can inflict respectable damage with her charged attacks.

Mark, the second figure, is using the Dawn weapon. He is physically active and focused on defense, and he has a knife and a revolver. When Markus applies his talents, a mecha armor will appear, changing the way he plays the game. Last but not least, he may launch a missile barrage with his ultimate attack.

Lin/Lin Ye is the final one. She possesses the fifth element, which duplicates the elements of your first two weapons. But only the greater element stat will be copied by the weapon. She can use her talents to soar through the air.

We used every weapon that might do significant harm and every character’s conduct that couldn’t be judged fairly. Certain weapons are tough to master despite their power. Attacks, Character Skills, and Weapon Damage must all work well together with the least amount of unnecessary work.

We have taken every step to ensure that you are aware of the greatest Tower Of Fantasy Weapons. We still advise maintaining the S-A Tiers since they will operate better for you. However, it is absolutely up to you who to add to your team.

Our staff of gaming nerds, who truly enjoy gaming and exploring different games, worked together with us to establish which weapon is the greatest for the meta to give you the most current and reliable information.

Your choices might or might not match how we ranked the Tower Of Fantasy Weapons because tier lists are essentially arbitrary. Do you think otherwise than we do? If so, feel free to share your opinions in the comments section below.

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