Ethicon introduces the next innovation in the power cutter series; the 45mm design allows the surgeon to maintain stability and control near important structures

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The new 45mm device extends the proven technology platform of the ECHELON FLEX™ powered ENDOPATH® stapler to more procedures in multiple surgical specialties, including thoracic, bariatric, and colorectal

Cincinnati, September 28, 2012/PRNewswire/ - Ethicon* today announced the launch of its next innovation in power incisors, the new 45mm version of the ECHELON FLEX™ powered Endopath® stapler, designed to Reduce the risk of potential tissue damage Perform laparoscopic surgery near important structures, such as in the thoracic cavity (thoracic cavity). This is the second product in the EES power cutter series following the introduction of the industry's first powered ECHELON FLEX™ 60mm with enhanced system-wide compression and stability. The new Powered ECHELON FLEX™ 45mm will make its debut for surgeons at the American College of Surgeons Annual Clinical Conference in Chicago, Illinois next week.


The electric ECHELON FLEX™ stapler provides surgeons with the advantages of electric and easy control of the launch, almost eliminating the force required to launch the instrument. This means that unnecessary movement of the tip on or near important structures is reduced by at least 63% during the transection, [*] resulting in less potential trauma to important structures, even in thick tissues and awkward angles. Compared to manually fired endosurgery, the increased distal tip stability provides better control of the target and surrounding tissue during the firing sequence. 

"Since its launch in 2011, our Powered ECHELON FLEX internal cutters have been used in nearly 50,000 cases worldwide," said Tim Schmid, President of Ethicon. "With the launch of the new 45mm stapler, we are very pleased to be able to bring the advantages of this innovative technology to surgical specialties, where stability and control are critical to the positive therapeutic effect of patients."

The advanced features of the Powered ECHELON FLEX™ stapler include:

For more information and to watch a video of Powered ECHELON FLEX™ in use, please visit:  

Compared with all other EES brands, ECHELON FLEX™ internal cutters are used in more programs. The new Powered ECHELON FLEX™ offers the same performance and advantages as the proven ECHELON FLEX™ platform: Compared with traditional lever-based two-handed internal cutters, natural joints can improve accuracy; large joint angles facilitate access to difficult-to-reach transections Site; and the ability to grasp, hold, and manipulate tissue without using a second device. Powered ECHELON FLEX™ uses the same wide range of ink cartridges as ECHELON FLEX™.

The Ethicon brand is used in the products of Ethicon, Inc. and Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc. These two companies have a long history of medical innovation and provide a wide range of surgical techniques and products (including sutures, staplers, Clip appliers), trocars and meshes) are used to treat colorectal and chest diseases, female health conditions, hernias, cancer and obesity. Ethicon, Inc. and Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc. are part of the Johnson & Johnson family of companies.

*Information provided by Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc. ECHELON FLEX™ and ECHELON FLEX™ Powered EndoPATH® Stapler are trademarks of Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc.

[*] Bench-top test of pig stomach (2.5-4 mm thick). The surgeon (n=19) fired/reloaded each instrument once: PSE60A / ECR60G, 030449/030459 and EGIAUSTND / EGIA60AMT. Measurements of distal tip movement during the launch cycle showed that the tip movement of the PSE60A/ECR60G was reduced by 63% compared to the other two devices.

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