Her husband, a wealthy businessman, Nia Ramadhani, was given a dowry of Rp. 2015, fantastic monthly money, but now he is imprisoned - Bangkapos.com

2022-07-22 21:05:04 By : Ms. Meili Liu

BANGKAPOS.COM - Married to wealthy businessman Ardi Bakri, the life of artist Nia Ramadhani made many people envious.Although he rarely appears on the screen, his life is glamorous and full of wealth.After marrying Ardi Bakrie, luxury is very closely related to the figure of Nia RamadhaniThe figure of a loyal husband and the presence of cute children complete his life.Behind this luxury, there is a sad story that he has never told before.The sadness that had been buried all this time, Nia Ramadhani finally took it out on negative things.Behind the luxury of Nia Ramadhani's life, there are many facts about her marriage to her present life.Nia Ramadhani and Ardi Bakrie got married on April 1, 2010 ago.