PhotoniCare appoints former Welch Allyn CEO Steve Meyer as a member of its advisory board

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Champaign, Illinois, November 17, 2021/PRNewswire/-Reports show that more than 9 million children are diagnosed with ear infections each year. According to reports, the accuracy of traditional otoscope examination is only 50%.

Now is the time to innovate frontline care with the clear and objective evidence needed to accurately assess middle ear effusion.

PhotoniCare, Inc. is a company that revolutionizes frontline care through OtoSight middle ear mirrors. The company uses OCT technology to improve the objective accuracy of middle ear fluid assessment (Preciado, 2020), today announced the former CEO of Welch Allyn Inc. Meyer, joined the PhotoniCare team as part of its advisory board. "Allowing Steve to join is a testament to our team and technology. We look forward to using his expertise and network to continue to promote the transformation of first-line care. The momentum to enter first-line care is rapidly accelerating, and Steve will further accelerate our leadership in this field A vision of innovation," said CEO and co-founder Ryan Shelton.

Steve joined Welch Allyn in 1981 and held various executive positions, and was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer in 2012. He currently serves on the boards of MPE, Inc., HCD, Inc. and Orchid Orthopedics, Inc., advises and invests in several healthcare startups. Steve brings unique knowledge and experience in the commercialization of first-line care.

"OtoSight middle otoscope is solving a problem that every frontline provider faces in practice-assessing the status of middle ear infection. PhotoniCare uses advanced light-based technology to transform clinicians from subjectivity to objectivity in a short period of time. This is both easy to deploy and easy to understand, and will give clinicians confidence in how they manage patients."

PhotoniCare was established in 2013 with a mission to improve clinical outcomes and meet the needs of unmet patients and providers by transforming new light technologies into objective medical practices. The FDA-approved OtoSight™ middle otoscope was developed by PhotoniCare to eliminate subjectivity by providing users with a non-invasive and comprehensive assessment of middle ear effusion, even in the presence of earwax. PhotoniCare has developed a patented imaging platform that provides growth opportunities beyond otology.

PhotoniCare has been recognized by many organizations, winning the 2021 Northwest Arkansas Technology Summit Promotion Competition, the 2018 MedTech Innovator Executive Award and the 2018 AdvaMed Accel Virginia Shimer Rybski Memorial Award. The company was also a member of the Dreamit Ventures accelerator program in 2016, and won the first place in the 7th Annual Insight Product Development 2019 HealthTECH Startup Competition. PhotoniCare has received more than $6 million in support from the National Institutes of Health and recently won the SBIR Phase II award for artificial intelligence work. In 2015, PhotoniCare received funding from the National Capital Consortium for Pediatric Device Innovation (NCC-PDI), which is an FDA-funded consortium led by the National Children’s Hospital of the United States.

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