Disposable linear stapler and gastric laparoscopic instrument assembly

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Descriptions of Product
Disposable Linear Stapler 

Application: it is applicable for creation of anastomoses, suture the end and incision for digestive tissue and organ.

Advantages: 1.For Disposable Operation Use, Avoid the possibility of cross infection.
                       2.You can adjust the closure height of nail room according to the thickness of tissue.
                       3.There are five specifications to meet the requirement of different suture length.
                       4. Equipped with a standby nail room which can e used in the same operation.

Instructions for Use

1. Remove the stapler from the internal packing. Take down protection cover, keep the stapler open.
2. Confirmation before firing: A)cartridge is suitable for suture tissue; B) suture tissue has been in the suture area.
3. Hold the feed handle to the first position, first sound will prompt, meanwhile position setting pin will come into anvil automatically. Suture tissue has been limited in the suture area. It is still can been adjusted exactly.
4. Put in order tissue in suture area, make it smooth.
5. Hold the feed handle to the second position, second sound will prompt, it means tissue has been locked completely.
6. Press firing button to finish suture. (if need cutting, make sure it happen before reset. )
7. Press firing button to withdraw product.
8. Check suture condition, if hemorrhagic spot is found, it should be sutured to stop bleeding.

Specification Model & Manufacturer Number
TypeStapleLength(mm)Height(mm)Closure Height(mm)
GCZFA/B-30H/L reload1131.5
GCZFA/B-45H/L reload1545
GCZFA/B-60H/L reload2159

Product Photos
Disposable Linear Stapler and Components for Stomach Laparoscopic Instrument
Disposable Linear Stapler and Components for Stomach Laparoscopic Instrument
Disposable Linear Stapler and Components for Stomach Laparoscopic Instrument

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