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Halo Infinite’s open-world campaign and collection of bosses allows users the opportunity to get quite a lot of unique content. Throughout the game, you will find special bosses, along with VIP targets to kill. The reward for taking them down often grant you some of the most unique Halo Infinite weapons, which you can use limitedly, or collet at FOBs. Here is a list of all the known Halo Infinite unique weapons you can get your hands on.

You can use several methods to get your hands on Halo Infinite’s unique weaponry. For the most part, you’ll need to kill bosses, which are part of the main story’s questline. Meanwhile, you can get almost one unique weapon in the game simply by taking over every FOB and the VIP targets you can kill. These VIP’s reward you with unique weapons, which you can request whenever you return to a FOB.

It is worth mentioning many of these weapons don’t get much ammo replenishment. The Mangler’s unique doesn’t seem to pick up ammo from other Manglers, so they are decent weapons that you can give to your UNSC allies who never run out of ammo anyway.

Lastly, it is worth noting each of these unique weapons has a unique perk, which makes them different to the regular weapon.

Warning, this article on Halo Infinite’s unique weaponry comes with spoilers. If you have not finished the campaign, we recommend not reading further.

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The Arcane Sentinel Beam is awarded by killing a VIP version of the sentinel flyers. It offers players a stronger lazer, combined with a faster cooldown, at the cost of a lower ammo count. You can earn this via killing Thav’Sebarim.

The Molotov Cocktail firing weapon now has exploding and fragmentation effect. If you want this unique Halo Infinite weapon, you need to assassinate Myriad, a VIP in the game’s open world.

Bipbap is another VIP target you can kill in the open world. The target carries the Calcine Disrupter, a modified electric pistol you can claim at a FOB once you win the fight. This version increases the AOE and damage of every electric round you discharge.

The Duelist Energy Sword is a weapon you can acquire from a VIP mission. The Halo Infinite Duelist Energy Sword comes from fighting a named mob called Okro ‘Vagaduun, an elite VIP mission. The weapon has a noticeably increased weapon swing through the animation and recovery.

You can retrieve this weapon by killing Escharum in the campaign’s second to last boss fight. It is a Grav Hammer, except it has an axe’s head in place of the blunt mallet-like end. It has a red energy aesthetic and doesn’t punt vehicles, unlike the traditional Grav Hammer experience. It’s worth mentioning you can only claim this once after the boss battle.

The Halo Infinite Elite Bloodblade is a red version of the Energy Sword, which you can find in the flight with Jega. When you kill Jega, he drops his weapon, which you can use. It seems like the regular energy sword, albeit with a red tint instead. This weapon is the same as the Diminisher, which you can only get after the boss fight.

Halo Infinite’s M41 Tracker is a modified version of the SPNKR, which allows players to lock on and track enemy targets. It basically uses the technology in the Hydra, except for vehicles. You can acquire this from a Brute VIP target named Zeretus.

The Halo Infinite Pinpoint Needler is a legendary weapon that tracks multip targets with its homing mechanic. If you want to unleash all hell on multiple enemies, you can spray with this weapon and watch the purple crystal detonate multiple hostiles. See Writh Kul for a closer look at the weapon in action.

If you wanted more zap in your weapon, then you can take a look at Halo Infinite’s Purging Shock Rifle. The weapon comes from a  VIP Skimmer Patrol, which offers better damage and range when you claim it.

The Halo Infinite Ravager Rebound is a unique weapon, that offers more bang. The weapon contains Richocheting ammo, which makes it easier to land the arcing explosive rounds on target directly. You can claim this from Arthoc in a VIP mission.

Inka’Saham is an elite that offers the players a rapid-firing Pule Cannon, which is dramatically faster than the regular Pulse Carbine. The weapon is great for easily taking down the Elite or Jackal shields. Find the Inka VIP side mission and it’s all yours from a FOB.

You need to challenge Balkarus, a named Brute, from a VIP mission fairly early in the campaign to get the Riven Mangler. This Halo Infinite legendary weapon is for you if you desire a much slower firing weapon with beefier rounds. It also comes with a white aesthetic, rather than the usual black color Mangler.

En’Geddon is a VIP target you need to kill to unlock the Halo Infinite Rushdown Hammer. It is a Grav hammer, which boosts movement speed, attack speed, and increased damage. There’s also a hidden version of this weapon found in a collapsed cave at the Drill SIte with a slightly different name. Only this one doesn’t come from an FOB when you find it. You’ll know you find it when you see a hammer called an Unbound Grav Hammer.

The Heatwave is one of the hardest guns to use properly, and luckily, Ordo’Mal agrees. The weapon has ricocheting rounds, which makes it easier to blast multiple enemies with this unique weapon.

Barroth is the VIP target you need to kill to claim this Halo Infinite legendary weapon. This unique weapon is an enhanced energy snipe rifle, boasting better firing rates than its sisters, showing that Barroth is the king of the Jackal sniper units. Once you kill the VIP, you can use this weapon at any time from a FOB.

The Halo Infinite Unbound Plasma Pistol is one of the first unique Halo Infinite weapons you can come across. You get the VIP missions when you take over one of the first FOB missions. It gives you a white aesthetic plasma pistol, which has larger rounds, takes less time to charge up and deals more damage. You need to take put Brigland to earn this weapon for the rest of your campaign.

The Volatile Skewer is one of the Halo Infinite unique weapons. Rather than being an anti-armor sniper rifle, it comes with an explosive arrowhead, tipped to blow any target it connects. It turns into a sniper rocket launcher, which is incredibly cool. You can claim this Halo Infinite legendary weapon from Ik’Novus, the Devourer from a VIP mission early into the campaign’s FOB tutorial missions.

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Hello! I came across your article and thought it was super helpful, but I noticed that some weapons don’t have their special effects listed. I wanted to list them here so you could add them for future players.

Unbound Plasma Pistol: The charged shot shoots 3 at once instead of 1. Elite Bloodblade: In addition to being red, it also has increased dmg, a faster swing time, and increased movement speed. Diminisher of hope: Has less knockback capabilities but has a bigger Shockwave that does increased dmg.

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